Macfeam Diversified Berhad is a Malaysian Company was formed to provide a Specialized and Dedicated Approach to Engineering, Construction Fields, Manufacturing, Fabrication and Supply especially in the Oil and Gas Industries.


One of the main activities at MACfeam is welding, emphasing on thick wall large diameter tubulars, made from carbon, carbonmanganese, low alloy and high strength low alloy steels. Tubulars with a thickness of 20-160mm and with an outside diameter of 1.200 to 6.000mm can be handled. A specific area of expertise is the automated multi wire SAW process, applied on both longitudinal and circumferential weld seams with semi narrow gap weld preparations.

Our SA welding equipment further includes narrow gap welding heads for thicknesses in excess of 125 mm . There where access is limited or welding is forced to be performed in position, manual welding with stick electrodes (SMAW) or flux cored wire (FCAW) can be applied. Careful selection of welding consumables and establishment of stringent welding parameters enables MACfeam to achieve high quality weld seams meeting the most demanding offshore, pressure vessel and other structural fabrication specifications.



Due to the advanced available equipment a wide range of diameter and thicknesses can be rolled within tight tolerances. Specialists of Mac Feam will be pleased to provide you with information regarding the possibilities given in the graphs which are based on "cold" rolling. Ranges not within the graphs can always be discussed.


3 Heavy bending machine, 5000 ton capacity

1 small bending machine, 500 ton capacity

Plate Rolling & Section Bending

Plate Rolling (Full Length)

  • Bending thickness 150mm
  • Prebending thickness 110mm
  • Ferrule diameter 6.000mm
  • Material yield strength 260N/mm²

Plate Rolling (Half Length)

  • Bending thickness 133mm
  • Prebending thickness 97mm
  • Ferrule diameter 6.000mm
  • Material yield strength 470N/mm²
Plate Rolling & Section Bending